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    Calcium Carbide

    Calcium Carbide

    Calcium Carbide
    H.S.CODE: 28491000
    CAS NO.: 75-20-7
    Molecular formula: CaC2
    Property: Grey, brown or black solid, purple when its purity is higher, the specific gravity is 2.22(18 ), melting point is 2300 , the product can absorb water in the air and conduct electricity. They higher its purity is, the easier it conducts, it dissolves in water, turns into acetylene and calcium hydroxide and releases heat.
    Use: Calcium carbide is an important basic material in organic synthesis industry, Acetylene obtanied from calcium carbide is raw material to make ethylene, chloroprene rubber, calcium cyanamide, acetic acd, acetaldehydr, ethylacetate, cyanide acetate, dicyandiamide, acetone, octanol, trichloride ethylene etc. Also used as desulfurizer and dehydrant of steel and for cutting and welding metals.
    Packing: in 50kgs/100kgs iron drum.

    Commodity of Goods Calcium Carbide
    Appearance Gray block
    Packing In 50kgs/100kgs iron drum
    Item Standard
    Gas yield 280L-305L/kg
    PH3 0.08% max(v/v)
    H2S 0.1% max(v/v)
    Grain 25-50mm/50-80mm



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