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    Barium Sulphate

    Barium Sulphate

    Barium Sulphate
    H.S.CODE: 28332700
    CAS NO.: 7727-43-7
    Molecular formula: BaSO4
    Property: It's white powder.It has good stability and chemically inert,it can't be dissolved in water and organic solvent.It has good alkali and acid resistance,light fastness and weather resistant,mesopic hardness,high whiteness and good dispersibility.It can absorb harmful rays,such as x-ray and ¦Ã-ray,etc.It is a flame-retanrdant and electric-insulation.No magnetic property and poison.
    Use: Finepowder Barium Sulphate is widely used in chemical industry, paint,plastics,rubber,glass,paper,medicine,
    ceramics,storage battery and other areas.
    Packing: in 25kgs plastic woven bag.

    Commodity of Goods Barium Sulfate
    Appearance White powder
    Packing In 25kgs plastic woven bag
    Item Standard
    Content 98% min
    Fe 0.004% max
    S 0.003% max
    Oil absorption 10-25g/100g
    Water soluble matter 0.2% max
    Acetic acid soluble matter 0.6% max
    Moisture 0.2% max
    Mesh 325 mesh



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