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    Sodium Thiosulphate

    Sodium Thiosulphate

    H.S.CODE: 28323000
    CAS NO.: 10102-17-7
    Molecular formula: Na2S2O3.5H2O
    Property: Colorless and transparent columnar crystal; dissolving in water but insoluble in ethanol; having strong reduction; easily being efflorescent when the air temperature gets higher than 33°C and could be deliquescent in the moist air.
    Use: Mainly used for photography, electroplating, tanning, bleaching, disinfectant industries and so on.
    Packing: in 25kgs plastic woven bag.

    Commodity of Goods Sodium Thiosulphate
    Packing In 25kgs plastic woven bag
    Appearance White crystalline
    Item Standard
    Na2SO3 99% min
    Water insoluble matter 0.01% max
    Na2S 0.001% max
    Fe 0.002% max
    PH 6.5-9.5
    Granularity 50-80 granule/g



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